Website design

Website design

Design of the site - one of the key points of launching a web project, which needs the highest level of responsibility.

Why does website design play one of the key roles?

In terms of marketing, site design can be considered as one of the tools to increase conversions. A web resource should  contain useful content and  represent goods and services profitably. It should be comfortable for the user. If the level of usability of the site is low, the client will switch to the resources of competitors. The failling of attendance will affect the effectiveness of the site.

The design of the resource must attract attention, cling, and interest. Correct placement of modules, a convenient menu, noticeable buttons for action (call-to-action) - all this works for your business, increasing traffic and sales from the site.

Moreover, the site is a business card, a peculiar face of the company. We will help you to develop your own recognizable style. Order the creation of individual design and get the opportunity to increase the conversion of your site.

Stages of design development

Our web design studio offers the development of the  resources according to the standard plan. You will receive an exclusive site design that will favorably differ from the web resources of rivals that use templates.

  1. Data collection. We will not get started until we  will not learn the activity of your company and will not listen to your wishes. It's important for us to understand the business strategy and goals that you want to achieve using the site.
  2. Prototype development. We create a general concept of the resource and show it to you. Together with you, we will determine the type of site, its style, orientation and functionality, and we will consider the structure of the resource  and each of its pages.
  3. HTML CSS layout. The approved layout is connected to the program code. We offer adaptive layout, therefore your site will be correctly displayed on stationary computers and mobile devices.

Why should the design of a company website be trusted to us?

We offer designing of the site in Kiev at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time. You get a unique, thought-out trivial, full-featured portal that will become an effective marketing tool if  use it skillfully .

It is impossible to make a really high-quality design  without the knowledge, skills and experience. Therefore, we recommend that you  to contact the professionals immediately. The specialists of our web studio will develop an effective design  for your site in short period of time that will be remembered. Turning to our studio, you can rely  on creating an individual website design and also on other services. We are developing different web resources from scratch. Your task is to tell your wishes and provide as much all the information  about your business, company mission, goals and ideas. To order design development for your site, call the contact phone or visit our office.