Context advertising

Context advertising

Setting up context advertising is an effective tool to increase the sales. It is designed to attract the attention of users who are already interested in your product or service. These are potential customers who will see a link to your web resource while entering a search engine query. Context advertising is a rather expensive tool, but it is the thing which allows you to attract a large number of customers and increase the profit of the company.

The role of context advertising for a business

Context advertising is a type of advertising made for the needs of a particular user. Its content is related to the main keyword that is entered in the search string. There are different types of context advertising on the network.

  1. Search and thematic. The searched  text is fully or partly identical to the user's query. Such ad units are placed in the search engine on the first positions, what increases the likelihood choosing the link. Topic ads are displayed when you visit sites. It's topics are within the scope of the user's interest, but may not answer the request.The advantage of thematic ads - the possibility of reaching a large audience.
  2. Text and text and graphic. When planning a budget for an advertising campaign, it should be taken into account that blocks with graphic elements are more expensive, but attract  attention better.  You can place a company logo on the banner, that will help brand popularity. Segmentation filters - search remarketing, social demographic targeting - are used to increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising.
  3. Dynamic and static. The dynamic version suggests that the block of contextual advertising does not have a fixed place, so each time you  sign in on the site  search engine ads are changing. Static contextual advertising is fixed to the selected position.

Contextual advertising is an effective marketing tool. Blocks can be removed from the screen they are guaranteed to attract attention, but will not interfere with the user. This type of advertising allows you to:

  • to inform the the audience about a new product / service / stocks;
  • to increase sales.

During the setting up an advertisment, it's important to choose its type and content. It is important to think of the design of the graphic banner and the text  header so that the user navigates through the link. The owner of the advertisment unit pays for a click in such case. The first goal is  achieved - a potential customer reacted to the announcement and found out about the  offered products.

Then he makes a decision - to make an order immediately, to return later or to close the tab.Quality content will effectively influence on  choice of potential customer . Therefore, it's important to fill landing pages that are linked by links that who sell and cling with texts..

Stages of launch of advertising campaigns

Correctly configured contextual advertising positively affects the speed of site promotion in the search engine. The launch of the campaign is in accordance to the plan.

  1. choosing a search engine and the system of placing. The most widespread advertisments are  advertisments of Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) and Yandex Direct.
  2. choosing a form of contextual advertising.
  3. approximate budget calculation based on the price of a click, the number of predicted conversions and ad impressions.
  4. selection of key phrases.
  5. competitors analysis.
  6. creating ad text and title in accordance with the rules of the chosen accomodation system.
  7. selection of the landing pages of the site that the user will be situated on when  will  click.
  8. set up time and geographic targeting.

Contextual advertising is an expensive tool and lack of attention to detail can lead to low efficiency and waste of budget. Therefore, it is not worth to set up Advertising Campaigns (RK)without proper knowledge and experience . It is very likely to bring losses. The only right decision will be to order contextual advertising for your business from professionals who know all the nuances of its setting and guarantee the result.

Why do you need to contact us to set up contextual advertising?

Our company is a Google Certified Partner. We know of all the innovations and requirements for advertising campaigns. We are constantly working to improve our RK performance.  We will launch a project that will fully meet your expectations as soon as it is possible,. Our experts will analyze the target audience,will learn the demand of potential customers and the offers of competitors and they will set up a campaign.

To order a really effective advertising campaign, call us or fill out an online application. Contextual advertising  which is setted up  take into account all requirements.It is an investment that quickly pays off and starts to make a profit.