SEO audit

SEO audit

SEO  promotion of the sites is a complex of measures aimed to make the site a leader  in the search engine. Promotion is carried out using a number of methods.It is a difficult and responsible process. To avoid errors during the promoting of the site, it is better to contact a professional SEO studio  immediately. We offer the services on promotion of websites (for example directories, corporate websites, promotion of an online store, etc.) for our clients at a bargain price.

Why does the search engine promotion is very important for your site?

The goal of creating and launching any site is to get power and increase profits. It is actual for the sites which are selling, official companies portals, information platforms and for the online store too. The goal will be achieved if to obtain high indexes on a traffic and conversion. It is important to bring the site to the top - the first position of users queries in the search engine. The percentage of the transition to such a web resource is bigger, therefore, the opportunities for further development and profit maximization are bigger. To bring out a site in TOP-10 is necessary for two reasons:

  • sites that occupy leading positions are more attractive for visitors;      
  • it is more likely that the user  will choose your resource, which is displayed in the first place, in order to save time.
  • conversion in a sitethat is  located in the first position of issue -is much higher than ad conversion

Search engine promotion is a very effective marketing tool designed to attract a visitor to a web resource. Unlike context advertising,SEO it  will not give an instantaneous effect. The site owner will see a gradual increase of audience with a competent approach . We guarantee to achieve a positive dynamics for our clients (by providing monthly reporting of SEO) and we offer good prices for website promotion.

Stages and basic methods of promotion

Website promotion is a process that consists of several stages. Each of them has their special tools to achieve the goals as quickly as it is possible. We recommend  you to audit the site before starting an advancement of web-site.  You will see how your resource meets the requirements of search engines  as a result of the analysis. Different  algorithms exist in Yandex and Google, but there are some general nuances that should be taken into account before launching the optimization project. The basic requirements for the beginning of successful optimization:

  • relevant and correct domain's name;
  • relevant content on the pages which are advancementing;
  • the presence of the correct meta tags;
  • open access for indexing;
  • efficiency of all links;
  • quick loading of pages;
  • clean code and microprint;
  • reliable paid hosting;

It is very important to do a full analysis, including usability testing, technical aspects, marketing component, content. The SEO specialist can point to the need to the refine the project at this stage. It might be  need to adapt the site for viewing from mobile devices, replace the CMS, or change the site management system settings.

It is necessary to eliminate the possible disadvantages and mistakes and proceed  to work with the strategy of promotion of the site in the search engine after the audit.It is possible to skip any stages.

  1. Competitors analysis. It is very important to study not only the technical characteristics of your own web resource. It is necessary to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the closest competitors occupying top positions , to study their control profile.
  2. Formation of the semantic core. The SEO specialist creates a list of search queries at this stage. The Wordstat Yandex service or Google Keyword Planner is usually used to analyse them. It is important to divide all queries into frequency and semantic groups. The structure of the site is formed or corrected, the meta tags Title, Description, titles of different levels are compiled on the basis of this list . The collection of the semantic core is one of the longest stages requiring scrupulous analysis of information. If you are not sure in your abilities, it's best to contact professionals right away.
  3. Formation of a wide web resource structure. The aim of this stage is to create a landing page for each keyword group. When it comes about the formation of the structure of the online store, for high-frequency queries there are allocated individual pages of categories, for medium-frequency it is used the filters pages, and for low-frequency it is used cards with product descriptions.
  4. Internal optimization. This stage is realized on the basу of the results of SEO-audit. It involves the delete of duplicate pages, setting up of automatic forming of meta tags, correctly URLs designing, creating an XML sitemap, introducing microstates, and more than 50 technical points.
  5. Internal switching. The SEO specialist's task is to set up the site in such a way that users can easily navigate from one page to another.
  6. Content optimization. Pages of the web resource should be filled with literate and they should have reach content texts that meet the actual requirements of search engines. The content is writting based on key queries, but is useful to the readers. Excess of keys will cause the site hitting the filters, which will negatively affect on its position in issuance, lack of keys in the text will not give the necessary result to the promotion. So it is important to work with texts professionally at the start!
  7. Work with a usability. It is important that the site not only gives a response to the user's request and provides the necessary information, but it should be convenient.Otherwise,the potential client or visitor will return to the issuance , what can not be allowed. The quality site has to be  an attractive but it should be calm ,design should be without unnecessary details, a convenient and clear menu, necessarily the presence of site path, it is also useful to predict possible questions of the user and to answer the questions beforehand.
  8. External optimization.There is a competent increase in the quality of the reference mass, which allows you to accelerate the growth of the position of the site or it can be also called - promotion of the site in TOP Google or Yandex. Thoughtless purchase of links through specialized exchanges - the very risky step that threatens to fall under the filters and decreasing of the issuance position. This stage is one of the most important and our  specialists will carry out work aimed at the natural growth of the reference mass.

Why should you trust SEO promotion  your site to us?

Working with us, you get an optimized full-featured web resource that will take top positions in search engine placement. We offer advantageous conditions and  good price of promotion, you also get a full range of services related to the development, creation, audit and improvement of sites.