Site Audit

Site audit

Website  auditing is the learning and analysying of the technical characteristics of a web resource and the detection of optimization errors that affect its effectiveness. We invite you to do a comprehensive audit of the site, which allows you to identify the disadvantages and take measures to eliminate them.

What is an audit and what is it needed for?

Site analysis can be done in different  ways. The first way is to audit the site online. Many online resources offer this option now . Your site will be checked automatically, with template tools, and at the end you will get the same template report, which in most cases is not  incomprehensible and it is also useless.

An alternative variant is a professional SEO audit site hosted by a specialist in this area with the using special programs, online tools, check-lists based on the knowledge and experience of the company in the field of SEO. It is the most effective analysis.

We strongly recommend  you to  analyze the work of your web resources sometimes. The main aim of such inspections is the  correction of errors and improvement of the functions of the site . An improved resource will be user-friendly. In addition, the site will be better indexed by search engines. All theese actions will increase conversions and  revenue.

Stages of audit

Web studio VOLL do both comprehensive and narrowly directed audit of the site. A complete analysis consists of several successive stages.

  1. Technical audit of the site. This verification of the resource must be carried out before the start of the project. It will be needed in the absence of traffic. During the technical analysis, will be found out the presence of duplicate pages, broken links, viruses. The specialist will identify the securely chosen hosting, connected Yandex Metric and Google Analytics, and will check cross-browser.
  2. SEO site audit. We will check the semantic core and all keywords. Our experts will learn the technical parameters of the texts on the site - "nausea", "wateriness", correct filling of meta tags. The purpose of this stage is to understand how well the resource pages are indexed by search engines. Moreover,checking the references profile and analysis on the filters are carrying out.
  3. Usability audit.  It is important to understand how convenient the site for visitors is at this stage. Our profesionals will analyze the menu and site map. Their task is to determine how long users are reviewing resource materials and what can be done so that they do not go to competitors.
  4. Marketing audit. We will analyze your target audience and we will determine if the advertising campaign has been selected correctly. During the solving our problem we are studying user queries and competing resources, to identify the most relevant strategies for website promotion.

We are preparing a report that contains information on identified errors and disadvantages and valuable recommendations for their elimination after verifying the optimization of the site.

Why the site audit should be trusted to us?

Our web studio offers a full range of site promotion services. We guarantee that our audit will be really useful to you, and it will make your site better and business more successful. If you order SEO promotion and sign the contract for 1 year, we will make for you an audit of the site for free.

Do not try to trust the site audit only using automated checks, because the automated system is not able to to find all the mistakes, and especially to do the usability and marketing audit, . It is best to trust this to  the professionals . Moreover we offer affordable prices for the site audit . Our specialists work quickly and qualitatively. Contact us and make sure that your site can earn more money.