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Setup of hosting tools

Each hosting user risks to have hacked or infected site with a virus.

Is the website of the business card different from the site with the management system

These are completely different types of sites. Site-business card is a static (sometimes dynamic) page on the Internet with very limited capabilities.

You can change information yourself if you have special skills in layout and programming or if you have a specialist in the office. It contains only basic information and is not expected to further develop it. In terms of advancement, it also has extremely bad prospects. But the site on the control system is easy to learn and gives you a lot of content management capabilities without the participation of third-party professionals.

How to clear your browser cache on your mobile device?

Depending on the operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) of your device, the methods for clearing your cache may vary. We will look at the most popular options.

Why do you need to create a technical task? (TOR)

Terms of Reference (TOR) completely defines the functionality of the site and describes its design. This is a project in the construction of a home, for inexperienced customers, its need is not obvious, but its absence significantly reduces the likelihood of obtaining the customer exactly what he was expecting.

If you do not have a TOR, do not worry, our specialists will develop TP with you. Work begins only after the approval of the TP by the customer, and this document is used to set the task for designers and programmers.

What are the main stages of creating a site

The main stages of creating a site:

  1. You contact us and tell us which site you want to do, what functions it should perform, what its tasks and goals.
  2. We are searching for relevant topics for the site (this is the appearance of the site) and send you suggestions.
  3. Together, we choose the topic that will be most successful in your case.
  4. You pay the cost of the topic (if it is paid) and the cost of the domain name.
  5. We begin to create a site, from time to time asking you some additional information about your business (only so you can make a quality site).
  6. When the main pages of the site will be ready, you accept the work, we make corrections or develop an additional functionality of the site.
  7. The content of the site can be done as you (you only need to change the text), and us (for a separate fee, which we will discuss individually).
Will I be able to edit and update my site myself?

Yes, you can independently edit your site and update the information on it, as we use the site management system for Joomla sites.

The convenient and understandable interface allows you to manage the site effectively without attracting specialists in programming and html-layout. Managing a Joomla site is not harder than creating documents in Microsoft Word Editor.

Despite this, even using CMS, some customers often make critical mistakes that may endanger the safety of the site or its functionality. Therefore, we recommend that you use our site's support services further, this is inexpensive and very convenient.


Description of abilities CMS Joomla!

The engine of Joomla, without a doubt, is rather "ancient" already ... But under his management work hundreds of thousands of sites and its capabilities is enough to solve almost all the necessary tasks. The reliability of this CMS is legendary. "Write" it while nobody is in a hurry (since - no need), and the popularity rating system around the world is still very high.

How many variants designs of main pages are you doing?

Usually we make 2-3 variations of the main page. Sometimes the customer has only one. Previously, you indicate to us web sites that you like and the websites you do not like to design.