Corporate website


Development and creation of a corporate site is an important stage in business development. Your own web resource can be a great tool to increase your profits.

The role of a corporate site for business development

A corporate site is a platform where the owner of the company places any information  he wants quickly  inform the potential or already existing customers about. Such a web resource include:

  • information about the sphere of activity of the company;
  • the information  on which services are provided;
  • catalog of goods;
  • company news;
  • official documentation

Corporate web-site is an effective marketing tool, the purpose of which is to make the maximum profit. The site allows you to advertise your services in the Internet, get orders for goods from the catalog, collect feedbacks, inform customers about the launch of the promotion or other innovations using the distribution of information.

Stages of development of corporate sites

One of the leading directions of our work is full stak company siite development.We work with the tested algorithm and enable clients to make corrections on each stage.

  1. Data collection. You fill out a brief and tell us all the important  information about the company you to launch the project. We will  analyse the target audience and we will learn the work of competitors, paying special attention to their pros and cons.
  2. Creation  of a technical task. We will develop an action plan based on your goals and budget. We determine the type of web resource at this stage.
  3. A prototype creation. We think about the structure of the future project, making it convenient and full functional.
  4. Design development. The graphic concept is important for recognizing the brand. We recommend you to make  your own corporate style and use it on web resources.
  5. Nesting. We translate pages into HTML. As a result, you wil get a cross-browser and adaptive site that will be correctly displayed on any device.
  6. Installing a Site Management System - CMS. We will set up the necessary modules, we will modify the code if it wil be  necessary, add interactive elements.
  7. Content placing. We will  fill out your corporate website with texts, descriptions, pictures. You can give ready-made content or entrust its creation to us.
  8. Presentation of the project and its launch.

Ordering the corporate site development for us you get qualitative web resource adapted for mobile browsing and it  has a high level of usability.

The main functional abillities of the corporate site

A corporate site will be useful for your company if you want to attract new customers, increase the loyalty of existing ones,to analyze the demand for services and to inform the audience as quickly as it is possible.Advantages of Corporate Web Resource:

  • low advertising costs (compared to placement of ads in polygraphy or MASS-MEDIA);
  • avaliable information for the client at any time;
  • the ability to communicate with customers quickly;
  • time saving during the distributing information.

Here you can order a corporate site that meets all the current requirements. Our specialists will consider to your wishes and will launch the project in short period of time.

Why should you trust the development of the corporate website to our company?

We offer site creation services for your company. Turning to us, you can get attractive prices and short terms of order fulfillment.

Our professional team is ready to develop a corporate site from scratch,starting  from the registration of the domain name and the choice of hosting and finishing with the launch of the  project , its advertising and SEO promotion. We offer the services for promotion of sites and deducing them in the top issuance. Contacting us, you get an optimized veb-resource that will become the face of your company and will help you to increase your profits.

The examples of corporate sites, which our specialists worked on, you will find in the Portfolio section. To find out how much  corporate website costs or to order other services, contact us by calling us. Our staff will answer all your questions.