The development and creation of Landing is a responsible task that should be trusted to the professionals. The landing page will help to increase your profits and achieve rapid rate growth. We offer attractive conditions of  Landing services for customers  in Kiev .

Why landing page is very important for your business?

Landing is a website that contains only one page with a detailed description of any product or service. The purpose of such a landing page is to attract the attention of the visitor, to show the benefit to  the potential clients  and responded to the call to leave an application or to place an order. Landing is an effective tool for promoting a product or service. It's worth thinking about creating a landing page if you need to:

  • launch a new product and make a tricky advertisement;
  • increase the conversions and sales if their level on the main site is low;
  • to solve a  certain problem for which the company's main site can not be used (for example  A-B hypothesis testing).

Landing is created not only for the sale of goods or services. The landing page need to collect information about the audience. Visitors are offered to subscribe or receive additional information.

Stages of the landing page development

Quality landing is a great tool for developing your business. To get full-featured, crossbrowser and adaptive one-page, it's better to contact specialists immediately. Our web studio is developing a landing page using the following algorithm:

  1. The  collection of information. We offer to the client to fill out a brief and point out important information about the company or product, as well as additional wishes for landing.
  2. A prototype creation and writing texts. We come up with the the structure of a web page, formulate headlines, make a description of services or products, and fill the web page with high-quality content.
  3. Design development. We strive to make convenient landing page interface . The design should help  to sell, not overload the site with unnecessary details.
  4. Adaptive layout. We are preparing an optimized site with a high level of usability, connect scripts, customize the animation. Our goal is providing a customer with a website that will be convenient  using it  with stationary and mobile devices.
  5. Connecting html layouts to CMS. A simple and clear management system will allow you to make adjustments at any time - to change the image, add new products, rewrite the headings.
  6. Connection the html layout to the CRM system. We will do our best to enable you to conduct prompt work with clients' requests.
  7. Seting up advertising campaigns. We will help to attract new customers and make Landing a truly effective marketing tool.

Our web studio offers landing development and services development . We are proud that our clients are positive about working with us and recommend us to their friends.

Landing page is an effective web site that sells. A user that follows the link to the landing page gradually gets important for him information . Your potential customer will pass all the classic stages of sales, which include attracting the attention  and interest waking, demonstration of benefits, challenge of doubts and objections, call to action. Competently created landing will become your highly effective marketing tool.

Why should you trust the development of the landing page to our company?

We offer attractive conditions of cooperation. In our web studio, you can order a landing page on a full stak basis. We enter into the contact and our experts are beginning to work with your project. We will register the domain, select the hosting plan accordding to the tariff plan, develop and create a full-featured one-page web site that will sell.

We know that the cost of landing is significant to many people, and we offer low prices for the landing page. We create landing in the shortest period of time and we are ready to set up advertising and to provide technical support  after the project launch. Contact our profesional team and get a  growth of customers to your business.