Online store

Online store

Development and creation of online stores-one of the areas of work our web studio works in.We offer our customers the most profitable conditions and attractive prices.Trusting the order to us,you will  get an effective tool for the fast development of your business.

The importance of an online store for the company.

Online-store is an  platform for the presentation of goods or services offered by the firm. It is much more effective than the regular directory on the company's main site.The online store serves  a visual demonstration of the product, and with a competent approach to its design stimulates the purchase.

The online store always has a certain structure. Obligated to have a site header. It will be better  to order an individual design for site header that will display the style of the store and owing to it can become a recognizable  brand feature.

The second integral part of the store is a catalog with product cards. Every page must have a competent and detailed description of the product or service. The effective text intrigues, keeps the attention and stimulates the client to make an order.

The online store has a number of obligated elements and options, which include:

  • availability of a personal cabinet with the ability to track orders and view transaction history;
  • availability of the cart for order and delivery;
  • integration with commercial software(1C);
  • connection of payment systems for cashless settlement.

The profit and increased customer loyalty will be brought by this project. We recommend  you contact the professionals in the area of creating sites immediately,to see a positive result as quickly as it is possible. We offer our clients the creation of a full-featured resource of any orientation and we guarantee good price of developing an online store.

The stages of development an online store

We offer the service of creating a turnkey online store . Our experts work on a proven and well-established plan that ensures timely account of customer's wishes and eliminates errors:

  1. Сollection the information.We listen to your wishes and embody them.It's important for us to explore your product range and analyze your target audience to run a really effective web site. We inform you about the duration of developing an online store and the cost of our services at this stage.
  2. Creating a layout, its approval and layout. We develop the structure of the site in order it to be  very convenient for  the consumer. Nesting should be valid and cross-browser. This eliminates errors during the displaying a site.
  3. Domain and hosting registration, connection to CMS. We will help you to choose the optimal tariffs for paid services, set up the necessary plug-ins for work.
  4. Filling the online store. We create a showcase where the goods or the services will be placed, we will add the images and high-quality content - detailed product descriptions, reviews of their characteristics
  5. Setting up contextual advertising. We will review your products, go into categories and subcategories, explore brands available for sale and analyze the most popular user requests. We will set up advertising for each product, that will help to increase the sales.

We collate with the action plan at each stage and give you the opportunity to make the corrections that can improve the the web resource work and improve its efficiency.

The main functionality of online stores

The modern online store is a convenient platform for the sale of goods, that must necessarily correspond to a number of characteristics. Designing the site, we provide a complete set of functions. The most important among them:

  • convenient cards of goods with the images showing the goods from different angles, and the function of enlarging of the photo;
  • characteristics of filters that allow you to view the goods of a particular brand or one from the categories;
  • search of the site to quickly find relevant pages;
  • a feedback form for quick response to potential customers (callback or online chat);
  • mobile version for viewing and ordering using smartphones or tablets;
  • informational mailing for regular customers, which will serve as an additional stimulus to make a purchase;
  • displaying recommended or related items in the catalog  that are being viewed earlier the positions;
  • convenient control panel to add new products faster, price changes, shares launche or sales,  commodity remainder management.

Why should you trust the development of an online store to us?

We offer the creation of online stores from scratch and take into account all the wishes of our clients.We find the best solutions together which will make the project successful .Сontacting to us, you receive:

  • high-quality and fast online store;
  • modern and attractive design;
  • high level of usability of an online store;
  • integration of the online store using the CRM-system and / or 1C;
  • consultations at the each stage of development;
  • technical support after project launch;
  • the best prices to create an online store.

To order an online store, contact our web studio using feedback form or by phone. Our professional team is ready to realize your ideas in short terms and make every effort to increase your profit.