Site-business card

Site-business card

The development and creation of a site-business card are necessary to make great impression about your company. This is your personal platform for advertising services or products in the Internet. This resource is useful for your customers. It will allow them  to get an access to actual information at any time. We offer the most attractive conditions for the development of a site-business card  .

Why a site-business card is important for business?

The website business card is one or more pages that contain key information about you. It can contain:

  • information about the company's activities;
  • information about a key product or service;
  • information about actual special offers;
  • contacts;

A business card is created in order to attract potential buyers or customers. This resource is ideal for beginner entrepreneurs who can not afford to run a full-fledged multi-page site at the start of their activity.

The site-business card has a number of advantages, including:

  • absence necessity to update the content regularly;
  • low cost of developing a site-business card;
  • quick terms of launching a project;
  • small costs for possession.

The site's business card does not require any space amount on the disk , so the requirements for hosting are simple. It's enough to choose the package services with minimum price .

Development of a site-business card

  1. Creating a full-featured business card site involves passing through all the steps needed to run any other web resource.
  2. Development of a technical task. We study the activities of your company, listen to your wishes, determine the goals and budget,make a plan for further work.
  3. Design development. The website business card should be bright and attractive. We offer creation of unique design according to your company's style. Our experts will select the best colors and fonts.
  4. HTML layout. A properly crafted site will be displayed in any browser in the same way.
  5. Connecting to CMS. You get a site integrated into a convenient management system, and you can make changes into the content any time you need .
  6. Customizing additional components. Our experts will place animations or sliders   on the site to attract attention to it, they will set up the feedback form,and create a convenient menu.
  7. Filling with information.
  8. Launching the site.

We create  business cards with unique design that attract customers and your profit will be increased.You can order a turnkey website  in our studio  and get a ready project in a short time that will become an effective marketing tool.

The main functions of the site-business card

The site's business card is a small web resource that does not require big investments and high costs for its possession. At the same time,it gives  wide opportunities to his owner.Using it you can:

  • place the information about your company in the Internet;
  • advertise your products and services;
  • place price lists;
  • receive feedback from customers;
  • respond  to user questions in time
  • inform clients about changing of contact details.

Your business card site will become an excellent advertising platform. It will give   all information about the products or services you offer  and will increase your company's profits.

Why should you trust the development of a site-business cards to our studio ?

We develop and launch projects that will be payed off quickly and will start making a profit to owners. Cooperating with us, you wil get the best price on a site-business card, detailed consultations at each stage of its development, technical support after launch of the project. We create optimized sites at the request of the user that are displaying on any device.

You will find examples of site-business cards on our site in the section of portfolio our studio  specialists  worked on.

To order a business card, make an online application or call us at the indicated phone numers - we will answer all your questions.